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Givenchy Ange Ou Demon EDP Perfume
Givenchy Ange Ou Demon EDP

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Date: July 22, 2007
Rating: 6
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I realize I never reviewed this scent after uploading it ten months ago. I had a sample of it, I tried was pleasant, yet not particularly memorable.

This coincides with my, and others', feeling overall, that modern "department store" perfumes tend to be pleasant, yet not much more than that. Givenchy is the same house which produces classical scents such as Organza (one of my favorites, that I wore for several years), L'Interdit (albeit in a newer form), Hot Couture (is this back? it's on the Givenchy site), Amarige, and so forth.

Yet Ange ou Démon, and for that matter, their earlier Very Irrésistible scent, both struck me as "quite nice," but nothing to really jump up and down over.

Chanel can be accused of something similar in that their older compositions tend to be exquisite, singular, unforgettable...where the newer ones tend to be a tad generic.

Granted, the perfume market has changed. When I was growing up in the 1970's, women sometimes bought perfume from department stores, but, more often than not, they bought it from drugstores. I would say now, the average U.S. woman has expanded her perfume range to include department stores, and a (likely growing) number also buy perfumes online.

Oh well! all that preamble simply means the newer department store perfumes don't seem to have been as carefully crafted as their predecessors, the reason being, the more intricately made perfumes are now being etailed, to a different market. The fragrances remaining in the department stores have become mainstream.

Back to Ange ou Démon...I recall a slightly heady, smudge of sweetness and goodness. The thyme note can be detected; it's novel, I don't think I've smelled a thyme note before, and it adds a nice herbal component.

Otherwise, it struck me as a sort of generic, good-smelling floral-woods-vanilla thing, with a dose too dissimilar to their Organza (save the orange & thyme), yet not as distinguished, not as refined.

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