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Julisis Copper Eyemulsion Eye Cream
Julisis Copper Eyemulsion
Eye Cream

Recommended by: 100% of reviewers
Average Rating: 5.0
Average Price: $175.00


Reg: August 2001
Location: Lexington, MA
Posts: 2587
Reviews & Products
Date: December 14, 2007
Rating: 5
Recommend? Yes
Price you paid?: $175.00


For the most part, I turn my nose up at eye creams, because I honestly feel it is the cosmetic companies' attempt to leech the consumer dry (moisturizer is moisturizer; if you don't believe me, look at the ingredients). The last I tried, Chanel Beauté Initiale, was quite the overpriced, irritating, lackluster, slimy mess. But the necessity of eye creams is such a pervasive myth that occasionally my interest is piqued enough to test one out. Though the copy—"influenced by the great alchemist Paracelsus (1498-1545) who studied the relation and interaction between the elements, plants and planetary influences"—is without a doubt gimmicky, I am pleasantly surprised by Julisis Copper Eyemulsion ($175). It has a light, soft texture (almost what I'd call a "soufflé" texture, almost, but not quite), a odd but faint scent, gentle enough for delicate skin, and though it is hydrating, it absorbs readily, making it the perfect base under concealer. A very simple product well made, but... incredibly expensive.

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