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Computer Blog - thebroadroom.net: How to print nonprinting characters in Microsoft Word

Disclaimer: all of the following is purely from personal experience. TheBroadroom.Net urges you to use your own instincts, common sense, and willingness to take risks when applying any of the information below.

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How to print nonprinting characters in Microsoft Word
posted by Colleen Shirazi, Saturday, April 30, 2005 at 2:04 PM (Pacific)

Good luck, there is no simple way of doing it...amazingly enough.

Here is an answer I gave someone...it starts out with two links I found in Google:


I was fiddling around with this problem (couldn't believe there was no simple way of printing out the codes). The first link suggests that the only way, aside from screen shots, of printing them out is to use "replace."

If you're going to try it, save a copy of your document first and work on the copy, since what you're doing will change the document.

The first link gives the example of how to replace the paragraph symbol as follows:

find what: ^p
replace with: ^0182^p

For the spaces it would be:

find what: (hit the space bar once, inside the box)
replace with: ^0183

The tabs are harder to do, because there's no way to substitute "a space, an arrow, and a space" for each tab and keep the tab length correct.

The only solution I could think of to print the tabs would be to format a "leader" for the tabs...fast enough if you have uniform tabs throughout the document, but a PITA if you have lots of tabs that change from line to line.

So, if all you want to do is print out mostly spaces and paragraphs, with a few odd tabs in there, it won't be that hard to run "replace" on the spaces and paragraphs, and format a leader for the odd tabs you have.

If you have a document with loads of tabs in it, you may want to play around more with "replace"...find a way to replace ^t (tab) with something that makes sense to you.

Good luck!

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