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Computer Blog - thebroadroom.net: Kodak DC4800 v. Windows XP

Disclaimer: all of the following is purely from personal experience. TheBroadroom.Net urges you to use your own instincts, common sense, and willingness to take risks when applying any of the information below.

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Kodak DC4800 v. Windows XP
posted by Colleen Shirazi, Sunday, November 13, 2005 at 1:48 AM (Pacific)

First of all, if you are a poor sap searching the Net for an answer to this question, I will tell you right now, I don't have one.

Normally I would not write a post for which I have no answer. But this is, by far, one of the STUPIDEST computer-related things I have ever seen in my life (including the Windows Blue Screen of Death days, a Compaq I once owned--btw, NEVER AGAIN--and trying to use an applet to write data to a file on a server).

I tried EVERYTHING to just plug the DC4800 directly into the computer, using its USB cable, as I have been doing on my old Windows 98 machine for YEARS.

First of all, Windows XP will NOT accept the software that came with the DC4800. Simple as that. It won't install it.

Then, there is NOTHING on the Microsoft site to indicate that Microsoft might have ANY (I apologize for the excess of caps, it is all just so flabbergasting) update or other solution.

So...on to the Kodak site.

I should have KNOWN it was a bad sign a.) Kodak declares blithely they don't support DC4800 anymore by phone or email (I'll SURMISE they got boatloads of po'd DC4800 owners pouring in the emails and phone calls as to WHY their camera suddenly won't connect on an operating system that is, to say the least, UBIQUITOUS) and b.) they don't call them "drivers" anymore.

Let us take a moment for that last one. There is no "driver download area." WTF??? It's now boiled down to downloading software programs. You are to download Kodak EasyShare and that, folks is supposed to be all the driver you need to connect a DC4800 to a Windows XP machine (not that you NEED extra drivers to do so, mind you).

PLEASE someone interrupt at this point (or kindly leave a comment in the section below) and tell me I've missed something.

I actually downloaded the piece o' work (on dial-up) and installed it.

Now, instead of letting on that it couldn't find any drivers for the DC4800, Win XP decided the EasyShare drivers would do and "installed" the DC4800--NOT.

The damn thing still doesn't work. Oh, it still shows those little scrolling things in the window at the top as if it were doing something, but it doesn't show as a drive in My Computer, and EasyShare itself won't acknowledge it as a supported device.

According to the Device Manager now, the DC4800 is working properly.

Okay back to Google. I found in some OBSCURE place on the Kodak site you are to change a setting in the USB port stuff in Device Manager...oh what the hell...I tried it (turning off a power management setting, restarting the computer, yadda yadda...) It didn't work. (Surprised?)

I found another guy called Vladimir who claimed you could go into Administrative Services and change a setting for the WIA service and that would work. I tried it.

Do y'think that did anything?

I'd say I came across SEVERAL people on the Net who had the same complaint...as I say, the only user solution I found was Vladimir's.

Oh well. It should actually not be that big a deal. It's easier to buy an inexpensive card reader and just go with that.

What makes this unbelievable to me I suppose is the mentality of Kodak (I expect Microsoft to be, well, Microsoft). What they are saying is that a.) they don't support their own products by providing a driver that works and b.) your solution is to buy a new camera. The DC4800 was not cheap when it came out. I fully expected to get better use of it than that...over a driver? A lousy driver.

Okay if it is not the driver, then I would expect Kodak to figure what it is (a setting in XP or whatever) because by now, everyone has XP or otherwise has to use it. Again the message is, buy another camera.

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