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Computer Blog - thebroadroom.net: Belkin Wireless G Plus Router F5D7231-4 review

Disclaimer: all of the following is purely from personal experience. TheBroadroom.Net urges you to use your own instincts, common sense, and willingness to take risks when applying any of the information below.

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Belkin Wireless G Plus Router F5D7231-4 review
posted by Colleen Shirazi, Wednesday, February 22, 2006 at 5:45 PM (Pacific)

Good price ($60), good performance too, but...

Before this dissolves into either of the two types of product reviews--any kind of product reviews--that dominate the Net, to whit:

1.) "Great product!"
2.) "This sucks!"

...let me list the good experiences I had with this wireless router.

1.) Good price, widely available.
2.) Super easy to set up. Even a wireless router moron could set it up...I set it up without any problem. :D
3.) The Belkin Indian call center is better than other Indian call centers. The people were actually quite friendly, knowledgeable, and easy to understand. The first telephone connection I got, got fried toward the end, but the second was perfect. If you have to call during high volume periods, you have to wait though.
4.) When the thing worked, it worked perfectly...wireless Internet throughout the house, good strong signal.

Now, here was the sole problem, but it bugged the crap out of me enough to pack everything up and return the router. This router kept dropping the Internet connection. I had to reset it every other day, at best. Sometimes every day. You'd be using the Net and suddenly there was no connection.

The first time it happened, I called the Belkin Indian call center and the guy walked me through cloning the MAC address (this is network-ese to me, bear with me). I had to press in the reset button in the back of the router, unplug the router, unplug the modem...plug in the modem, plug in the router, and change some settings online.

The second time it happened, I called again and was told to just do the second part (reset, unplug, unplug, plug, plug, change settings).

My son concluded at one point that unplugging the devices was not necessary, i.e. you could just hold in the reset button for around thirty seconds and skip to the part about changing settings.

Try this at your own risk!!!!! I assume no responsibility for you or your wireless router!!!!!

Anyhow I tried this myself and it did work. But you'll note, how many times already I'd had to reset the router.

Yep--I did check for new firmware (this is again a super easy thing to check using the online screen). There wasn't any new firmware.

Finally...the place I bought it at, has a 30-day return policy and I realized that I'd given this router enough chances. I did not want to be stuck with it, at least not until I'd tried some other brands.

I'm using a new one now, I will report back later after I see how it performs over time.

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