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The future of the Net
posted by Colleen Shirazi, Friday, February 10, 2006 at 6:47 PM (Pacific)

I dunno...I am...disgusted.

Maybe disgusted is the wrong word. I knew it was inevitable that the Internet would start out great--brilliant actually--then gradually devolve into commercialized crap. I knew that. I mean, look at cable tv. It started out around $12 a month, right? For lots and lots of channels without commercials...many of the cable channels did not have commercials in the beginning. Remember? MTV, Bravo and AMC spring to mind. Bravo used to be on only part of the day and showed mainly foreign films. MTV used to show music videos. AMC, well it is still the same only now with plenty of ads.

I have nothing against commercials per se but without regulation, the medium rapidly goes down the loo.

The Net now...used to be $10 per month. I'm not saying you can't get dialup for that now, but now you can no longer use dialup. Not if you want to get any work done.

So just as no-frills cable tv became $50 a month for you to sit and watch commercials, so did the Net become $50 a month for DSL or what have you, and there is less and less and less non-commercialized content.

I realized this afresh as I was checking the links on The Lipstick Page Forums Links Page. How many sites now even have a real links page? It used to be quite common.

Now, the only sites that email me about exchanging links are purely commercial sites (and usually mediocre ones at best). A few somewhat better sites have asked to be added to the links page, without offering a reciprocal link. It's just strange.

I used to surf around and look to find places to get my sites listed. But now such places are few and far between. Forget about the Open Directory Project. Rather than adding new sites, they're deleting sites they'd already added. Makes me wonder if a listing on the ODP is for sale and how many "green bananas" that would cost. shrugs

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