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Problems publishing on Blogger.com?
posted by Colleen Shirazi, Sunday, May 27, 2007 at 11:28 PM (Pacific)

I've had these on and off. I'll try publishing a post, and the thing keeps running and running, and doesn't publish anything. It will occasionally show a message saying to the effect: This is taking longer to publish than we thought, click here to continue publishing. So I click, and it starts running and running again, then I get the "publishing is taking longer than we expected" message again, then it runs and runs again, et cetera.

After some rounds of this, it will say, "Your blog was published with errors." When it finally gets to this point, I can actually publish it.

I used to be able to pop open IE and get it to publish there (I usually use Firefox). Now it's exactly the same in both browsers.

One time it did that, it occurred to me to try clearing the cache. This actually worked. When I got the umpteenth "publishing is taking longer than we expected" link, I cleared the browser cache before clicking the link. It published right away.

I haven't had the opportunity to try this theory out again as Blogger hasn't been "down" for me since, but I'm game to give it another go.


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