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Computer Blog - June 2008

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Getting an Epson LX-810 printer to work on Windows XP
posted by Colleen Shirazi, Saturday, June 14, 2008 at 8:29 PM (Pacific)

We've all been there...a beloved old peripheral no longer works on Windows XP.

I had the occasion to try to install one of these impact printers, which had worked fine all along on a Windows 98 machine, in an XP machine. Epson's newest driver is the Windows 98 one, so you are supposed to use the Windows XP driver for Epson LX-810. Fine, but it doesn't really work. It'll print letter size, but no longer has "custom size" or "user defined size" as a paper size option.

Now...why would you need to use an impact printer for a letter-size document in Windows XP? The sole reason you'd need an impact printer to begin with is to print forms, right?

Finally I came across this: re: Custom Paper Size- Explanation the Problem

I tried the idea of Server Properties, and keyed in the dimensions I wanted. I can't test it now, but the print preview looks right (the form I need to print is in Access, it's definitely a nonstandard size).

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Javascript code to jump cursor to next box in an HTML form
posted by Colleen Shirazi, at 8:17 PM (Pacific)

Looking for a quick way to advance the user's cursor to the next input element in your HTML form? Say, after they have typed three characters, as in a phone number?

function check(theElement,nextElement) {

if(theElement.value.length >= theElement.maxLength) {
else {
return true;


<form method="POST" action="youraction" name="authenticate">

<input type="text" size="3" maxlength="3" name="area_code" value="" onKeyUp="check(this,'first_three')" />

<input type="text" size="3" maxlength="3" name="first_three" value="" onKeyUp="check(this,'last_four')" />

<input type="text" size="4" maxlength="4" name="last_four" value="" onKeyUp="check(this,'function')" />

<input name="function" value="Sign In" type="submit" />


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